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Valve knowledge

Wide range of valve products, while not entirely uniform, and some end-use points (such as chemical, petroleum, power, etc.), and some by media points (such as water vapor, air valves, etc.), and some press material points (such as cast iron valve, cast steel valve, forged steel valves, etc.), and some form by connecting points (such as thread, flange valve, etc.), some by temperature points (such as low temperature valve, high temperature valves, etc.). Most of our current practice is the structure by pressure and to distinguish between species. Namely: at nominal pressure points: ≤ 1.6MPa for the low-pressure valves, pressure 2.5,4.0,6.4 MPa as the pressure valve, ≥ 10MPa high-pressure valves, high pressure valve for the more than 100MPa. Different types according to the structure are:

Plug valves, gate valve, globe valve, ball valve - open or close the pipeline for the media flow.

Check valve (including the end of valve) - used to automatically prevent the media back inside the tubes.

Throttle - for regulating the flow of media channels.

Butterfly valve - open or close the pipeline for the media. Can also be used for adjustment.

Safety valve - for boiler, container equipment and pipes, when the medium pressure stumble over the provisions of value, can automatically rule out the excess medium pressure to ensure the production of safe operation.

Valve - used to automatically reduce the pressure within the medium pipes and equipment. Department of the media through the valve gap, the resulting loss of resistance to pressure to achieve the purpose of decompression.

Trap - used to automatically exclude the steam condensate piping to prevent loss or leakage of steam.

As the valve use is widespread, the role it is great. For example: In the power plant boiler and steam turbine valves to control the operation; in the petroleum, chemical production, control valves also play all the production equipment and processes in normal operation. The same is true in other sectors. However, the valve compared with other products, often overlooked. For example: When installing the machinery and equipment, people tend to focus on key aspects of machinery and equipment, such as: compressors, pressure vessels, boilers, etc.; also some of the improper selection of ... .... These practices will make the whole production efficiency and reduce or stop production, or causing all sorts of other accidents. Therefore, valve selection, installation, use and so must be serious and responsible work. In particular, the construction of modern industrial production and even more so.

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